Aug 20, 2008

Message from the President, August 2008

Community comes from, through unity

By Marlene C. Hurd

When you think of ‘community,’ what comes to mind?
Relationships. A sense of belonging. Family atmosphere and environment. Support system. A place of safety.
People having similar interests. Helping one another. Seeing people as a part of your extended family. Sharing. Caring. No racial barriers, age limits.
Just imagine if our communities, and our community colleges could reflect this beautiful appearance. What would it look like? The reflection of ‘Unity.’
Having the return of communities in our society would revive a sense of belonging, and having an extended support system, to supply the needs of every person in our communities.
The same is true for our community colleges who have served as a support system and a second extended family to many.
As a student on your college campus, your community starts with you. Deep within you have the power to make a difference. This will come by the choices you make.
Setting wise examples as a student will allow you to become a leader, and not a follower. Success will only take place as you bring your community into your inner circle of influence.
Who might your community be on campus?
Close Relationships you have built during your time on campus. Your study groups and classmates. Both can be seen as an extended family, who have taught you the dynamics of discipline, being a team player, building your leadership skills and excelling in your academics.
Our college presidents, administrators, faculty, counselors, and student support services staff. Each can be seen as your cheerleaders and support group, applauding you as you head to the finish line. Loving you like a parent.
The above groups serve as footprints, mentoring you through the good times and the difficult times. They challenge you to draw upon your inner strength of knowledge.
Our most important community; however, is family. This could be parents, siblings, close friends, community relationships etc. Your foundation. Always there when you need them. That’s why we must have unity, because without unity, there can be no community.

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