Aug 22, 2008

All colleges should subscribe to Harambee

Dear Editor,

Congratulations are definitely in order to you…for your leadership and “role modeling” on multiple fronts while addressing the many issues facing community college students, particularly our Black students, as they strive to attain their academic goals. As I have shared with you many times, I am extremely proud of…the many contributions you have made to improve the situation and conditions for all Peralta students as well as California Community College students.
Thanks for sharing your earlier issue of Harambee. That publication was exemplary! I shared copies with many friends and family while proudly stating that ‘these are Laney College students...two of my former students’. As you can see, I was grasping for some of the credit for your superior work. The publication was informative, covered a wide-range of subjects, and was well laid out with multiple pictures that helped tell the story.
The Peralta administrative leadership will hopefully subscribe and have the Harambee publication distributed to the libraries and departments throughout the campuses. Issues of this publication should be available to students in all Student Centers and information centers.
All CCC campuses should subscribe to Harambee as well.

Odell Johnson
Laney College
Former President

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