Aug 22, 2008

Nas' Untitled

Nas recently released his second consecutive controversial titled album, “Untitled” (previously titled “Nigger” until the NAACP cast fire and brimstone upon his label company for allowing him to use the N-word after they buried it 6-feet deep from the vocabulary of the world).
Before Untitled was released, there was much anxiety in the music industry and the Hip-Hop world about just why Nas would use the N-world to title his album and what message he could possibly have after the NAACP just abolished it.
Nas has not let me down. Nas has taken the concept of what society deems as being a “Nigga/er” and has eloquently decoded the notion through historical and present context.
Nas explores the ideas of having a Black president to the traditional (stereotypical) eating habits of many famlies.
He rhymes about the unfair propaganda that Fox News has been guilty of as well as an analysis of the relationship “Niggers” to a slave master. He surprisingly captures a more realistic glimpse of the Black experience which has been recently higlighted by other mainstream media such as CNN’s Black in America serieies.
Untitled is an instant classlic like his other albums, Illmatic, It Was Written, and God’s Son. “Nigger” brings back informational and motivational style HipHop back to the mainstream, creating a long neeeded dialogue between listeners about something more depth and provacitve than majority of the materialistic, self-hatred advocating music that has permeated through the Hip-Hop industry.
It allows the listeners to focus on more positive attributes rather than the redundant argument of “Hip-Hop destroying Black America” as reflected in BET’S series Hip-Hop vs. America.
Although there may be some inaccurate information on it, Nas brings it with his lyrical delivery making an album that is educational, artistic, motivating and dope. •H•
–Charles Perkins

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