Jun 13, 2008

Obama Drama

Obama Drama
Part 3

By Dr. Marvin X

And so it is the man from Illinois, Barack Obama, who shall be the Democratic Party nominee for president. Elijah Muhammad told us the white woman would be the last weapon used to check the rise of the black nation. And so it is.
Mrs. Clinton persisted until the bitter end to fight for her gender rights. But apparently in the eyes of the people, the descendant of slavery and colonialism takes priority over Miz Ann. After all, no matter what, enjoyed the fruits of slavery and thus there is blood on her hands as well.
In the good days of his pimping, my brother told me he pimped the white woman because he disdained her as he did her brother and father.
But let us go beyond the white woman--she put up a valiant fight, although it obviously wasn’t her time. It was time for Jack (Barack) to jump out of the box.
We saw the same thing in Oakland’s mayoral race.
Ron Dellums was an unknown factor until late in the race when his supporters gathered enough signatures to encourage him to enter the race–it was the Latino Ignacio de la Fuente who was expected to become Oakland’s first Latino mayor.
But Jack jumped and Dellums is Oakland’s third black mayor.
We won’t discuss whether he has brought about any change–certainly not in bringing down the homicide rate.
Likewise, it is doubtful how much change Obama can bring about as our first black president, for we must be clear: Wall Street rules America, not politicians. Politicians are merely puppets on a string of the international bankers who finance friend and foe alike.
The question North American Africans must ask themselves is what items we want on Obama’s agenda: National Health Care, Reparations, a general amnesty for prisoners of America’s domestic war against our community, a radical national educational curriculum that includes consciousness and do for self economics to prepare our community for the diminishing job market in light of globalism, a priority for African reconstruction to erase the vestiges of colonialism and neo-colonialism.
We learned from the 60s black power revolution that a black face will not save us, so we must have no illusions Obama is our savior.
He will carry out the will of American imperialism to the best of his ability.
But as he is pressed from the right, we must pressure him from the left to keep him from being totally useless. No matter what, he will need us as much as we will need him.
Just remember politics in not about friends but interests. Let us be clear what we want and fight to secure it.
Marvin X is the author of “How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy.” Visit his blog: www.marvinxwrites.blogspot.com.

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