Jun 13, 2008

'The Black Hour'

'The Black Hour'
Laney BSU members form internet radio show to air issues

By Reginald James


The word ‘black’ is often used figuratively to describe negative occurences–“Black Tuesday” or the “Black Plaque” but a few Laney students are redefining “Blackness.”
The Black Hour is an internet radio show, organized by members of the Laney Black Student Union (BSU), airing online at 9th Floor Radio.
The Black Hour sheds light on the voices of Laney’s Black students, taking them from the abyss of silence to the glow of empowerment.
Weaving lively student-driven discussions with live music, The Black Hour airs students issues and topics relevant to the community in first person. The show features discussions led by students on topics ranging from the Presidential Elections to Black male and female relationships.
The Black Hour can be heard online at www.9thfloorradio.com.
For more information about the Laney BSU or The Black Hour radio show, visit www.myspace.com/laneybsu.

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