Oct 28, 2008

Review: "The Express "

Timeless tale back in the hearts of audiences

By Cassandra Juniel

“The Express” depicts the true story of two-time Syracuse University All-American running back Ernie Davis, who became the first African-American to be awarded the Heisman Trophy.

The movie stars Dennis Quaid, who plays the role of Davis’ coach, and Rob Brown, who plays Davis. It is directed by Gary Felder and produced by Derek Dauchy, Arne L. Schmidt and Ryan Kavanaugh and is rated PG for parental guidance, due to violent language involving racism and a light scene of sensuality.

Davis is described as humble, due to his mannerism with his superiors, as well as people he regularly encounters.

He is patient because he waited for the right time to make decisions regarding his team’s well being.

Davis was tenacious, as he remains steadfast, despite name calling from the crowd, bottles being thrown at him and the possible danger he placed his team in by playing.

Lastly, he is categorized as an overcomer because he fights against racism as it continued to beat against him. He broke racial barriers and did not allow them to overtake his life by giving up or giving in. [For complete story, click here]

This story originally appeared in The Advocate, student newspaper of Contra Costa College. Visit The Advocate online at http://www.accentadvocate.com

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